Video production

We believe that having the right team behind you is what really matters. The team at Indico media have years of relevant experience and work as a team on every project. When you work with Indico media, you can be assured of having full support throughout your campaign.


Agility is the key to successful shoots. We are equally at home filming intimate interviews in a controlled environment such as a studio, as we are on location using multiple cameras, drones, cast and crew.

Creative development

Mat leads the creative side of Indico media, bringing together years of experience gained across multiple industries. We have all worked in some fairly interesting places around the world and we believe that experience brings another layer of creativity, understanding and inspiration to every campaign we work on.


We have a wide range of directors that we can call upon to fit your project perfectly. Over the years, we have realised that people are the key to successful projects. Without the raw talent being made available, projects will find it difficult to succeed. Whether it is production of a corporate video for internal use, or a full advertising campaign using all the latest digital capacity to deliver that message efficiently, we will match the most appropriate director to each project, coupled with designers, storyboarders and of course animation specialists.


For every project we put together the best crew to achieve success. Our reach into the industry is well proven and allows us to select a blend of in-house specialists coupled with some of the very best technical and creative individuals available. Award winning editors, specilist camera operators and drone pilots; they all play a part in making sure that your project runs smoothly and most importantly, the end result is what you want and on budget. We have said it before, but people are the key to every successful project. Get the right people on board and amazing things will happen.


To get the best results we match the right equipment to each project. Sometimes, the innovative use of old reliable equipment gets the right shot that is required. However, whether it is filming on the Sony FS7, Canon C300, Red Epic, Arri Alexa or a simple shoot with a Panasonic GH4, it's getting the right equipment and the way the crew use it, that really counts. We work with some amazing technical specialist who design lighting rigs and camera mounts and you can guarantee that we will push the boudaries in order to get the right shot. Great people create great things and if you give them fantastic equipment, it just makes them better.

Post production

Our team of editors will work seamlessly with the directors to shape and craft the rushes into amazing film. We double back again and again to the communication strategy side of each project to make sure that the message is correct and we are delivering to the agreed brief. We also consistenly monitor the digital integration side of a project to make sure that the content is fit for purpose and ready to be used on the right platform to achieve success for the client.

Channel clearing

If the project is a channel targeted campaign, we are happy to help you through the process of clearing the content for the desired channel.