We've spent almost three decades finding stories from around the world and turning them into films that move people. We'll help you build a compelling storyline, we'll help you find the best people to tell the story and we'll deliver world-class production techniques.

Over the last 30 years we have worked in broadcast television and corporate production. Starting at the launch of Sky News in the late 80s, we've been part of an industry that has changed beyond recognition.


One thing has remained constant though: the power of storytelling.

Stories define every organisation to its customers, employees and investors. We help you get control of that story through powerful films that will not be forgotten.

"People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact it's the other way around..." Terry Pratchett, novelist.




We've produced broadcast documentaries that have made front-page headlines and led the evening news. We've created new formats and programmes for channels in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and we've turned hundreds of stories into great films for some of the world’s largest corporations.




We have worked for a number of clients across a range of sectors from large commercials to small agencies. We travel around the world to capture your stories and turn them into world class content.

  • Corporations world wide

  • UK Government

  • Financial institutions

  • Energy providers

  • Small boutique agencies

  • Charities

  • Foreign Governments

  • International agencies


We don't publish client content but are happy to show you a glimpse of our creative work upon request.


Indico Media's staff are from varied backgrounds. Our experience ranges from classic media production and strategic communications through to Government service and digital integration. We have been helping people communicate through different methods for nearly three decades and continue to work in some of the most challenging environments on the planet.

Our key aim throughout our journey has been to make sure that the most authentic and honest stories get told by the right people, at the right time.

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Justin King

Managing Director

Justin is co-founder of Indico Media and crystallises many years of corporate communications strategy and brand management, in order to help clients quickly identify the possibilities and value from engaging with a fully rounded approach to communications and video production. Justin learnt the art of authentic storytelling during his time as an officer in the British Army, followed by international communications work for the UK Government in the Middle East and Africa.

Nat Low

Managing Director

Nat co-founded Indico Media to offer the very highest quality films to organisations of all sizes. Nat is a highly experienced TV producer and director who's won more than 40 awards for his broadcast and corporate work including 'Business Journalist of the Year', a Grand Prix from the Institute of Internal Communications and a Cannes Lion. He's worked with some of the world's largest companies and major broadcasters in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Russell Place

Communications Media Partner

Russell works with us to help maximise the value of the brand assets that we create across our clients’ Paid, Owned and Earned channels. He also provides our clients with guidance on the best way to measure the success of the content we create, how best to work with partner agencies to activate it, and any ongoing project management.

Russell has worked in advertising and media for over 30 years as a strategist, but also running major client accounts and a large UK media agency. He recently set up his own consultancy, Crow’s Nest Media, to help businesses, brands and agencies that are at an inflection point and need to make a step-change via their marketing strategy. Since launching in June 2018, Russell has been working on a number or retained projects in the private, public and charity sectors

James Harrison

Producer Director

James is a producer director and communications strategist. He is extremely dynamic when it comes to communicating the bigger picture and brings with him the ability to see the real story that needs to be told. His ability to take a script, manage the research, organise the film crew and control the edit is what makes him a great PD. James stays with projects from pre production right through to post production, bringing continuity and stability to projects.

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Steve Taylor

Director of Risk and Security

Steve is a vital member of the team at Indico who ensures our safety wherever we go.  After a career in the British Army where he served in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq, Steve then spent 15 years working for multi-nationals, UK and foreign governments, high profile individuals and organisations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  He has considerable experience in risk analysis, providing close protection and designing and implementing security training courses worldwide.  Steve’s extensive connections in the security industry and his first-hand experience mean that our crew and clients are always in safe hands.

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Nicola King

Business Support Director

Indico Media wouldn't operate as efficiently as it does without the help of Nic. She is a true genius to have around and 100% reliable. From a background in art and design, Nic has worked for a range of clients including the BBC. She is at the forefront of every initial scoping meeting when a new client is engaged and makes sure that everyone in the office knows what they need to do and when!

Some of our team hold active UK Government security clearances and are happy to discuss more sensitive campaigns face to face.




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